I haven't posted as frequently as I usually do. Not a lot to report. JAM! arrives in June from Oni Press. I'm still writing WE'VE NEVER MET (Quick) and SOUVENIR OF DALLAS (D Magazine), and that's going well. I have two proposals that are floating around searching for a publisher. Some might remember I had a literary agent for awhile. That was a big mistake, and it set me back about a year. It's nothing I really want to write about publicly. I finished the last segment of my 50 MILES TO MARFA three-part story. I haven't heard back from the artist yet. I've been re-writing DELTA COUNTY. There's an artist I hope will come on board for this project, but who knows? The artist for FRONTIER is busy with some other work.

So, what's a writer to do? I feel like I've been holding my breath for the past year. The waiting is driving me a little crazy. I'm getting restless. I'd love to getting something new on the shelf soon.