As you may know, I'm an obsessive LOST fan. Yes, I watch every episode. Yes, I listen to the Jay and Jack Lost podcast. Yes, I visit Lostpedia regularly. Yes, I own every season on DVD. Yes, I bought last week's copy of Entertainment Weekly that covered the shoot of the finale. We only have a few more episodes left, and before tonight's episode -- I decided to share my final theory. Anyone who is not a LOST geek feel free to skip to the next blog post.

Christian Shephard is Jacob. I know this isn't a new theory, but I have a new take on it. Last season, Ben killed Jacob. However, Jacob can't be killed, so instead it created a split reality: a reborn younger Jacob (as seen this season) on the island and a younger Jacob who has gone back in time off the island. The younger Jacob, exiled from the island, changed his name to Christian Shephard and became a doctor. He faked his past with a suspicious Ray Shephard acting as his dad. He would occasionally travel around and assist the Losties in their times of need -- as seen in "The Incident" episode. In the scene with Jack and the Apollo candy bar, the reality was twisted. We see Christian and Jacob, but both of them were only one person. Jack really saw his dad, not "Jacob." Christian/Jacob faked his death to return to the island and ride on Oceanic 815. I'm sure if Jack ever sees Jacob. He would notice him as how his father looked when he was younger.

Anyway, my theory is flimsy, but I'm sticking with it for a few more hours. I'm sure tonight's episode will blow it away.