PRESS RELEASE Effective immediately: In a startling turn of events, Jumbo Pop has decided to retire from comics. This decision was prompted by a fear of selling out through trying to do something. It was stated in an earlier press release that his graphic novel would be released sometime "around August 2020." Jumbo Pop went into a drunken rage this afternoon, shouting repeatedly: "You can't put me on a time table!" and "I'm not a story factory!" After sobering up, Jumbo Pop made an official statement to the press: "I retire today knowing I leave with my artistic integrity in tack. I must not have anyone place any expectations on me or my work. The fact that some people even called me a writer means you expected me to write. That's not how it works. Don't box me in. And stop quoting me, damn it!" Jumbo Pop then ran off, crying.

In related news, David Hopkins will resume writing this evening.