PRESS RELEASE Effective immediately: I am changing my name from David Hopkins to Jumbo Pop. This was not an easy decision for me. However, after 32 years of being called "David Hopkins," the brand (through excessive mismanagement) has lost value in the hearts and minds of comic book readers. I spent a few months in test marketing; I am certain Jumbo Pop will be a hit. With this re-branding, I am now cooler, more eccentric, and I cuss more. Comic book readers want talent who have an iconic image. Something that says, "I'm wildly creative and you can tell by the calculated way I present myself." As Jumbo Pop, I will wear a white suit, smoke cigars, and wear large non-prescription glasses. At the time of this press release, it has not yet been decided if I will keep my beard and at what length. Expect a follow-up press release with this information. Although, I am definitely going bald and getting a few gray hairs.

David Hopkins failed as a brand for many reasons. Mostly due to a failure to use the phrase "critically acclaimed" in self-written bios. It was common knowledge that David rarely slept, and would stay up every night until 2 AM writing. That's just sad. Jumbo Pop will sleep. A lot. David talked about his daughter often, and the strong "father image" did not test well in certain markets. As Jumbo Pop, I will still be a father, but there have been negotiations to change my daughter's name to "Fruit Bat" and have her start an experimental 8-bit electronic band. The mother Melissa Cassidy Hopkins was not available for comment.

What can fans expect from Jumbo Pop? No more short stories and one-pagers. As the name would imply, all comics will be epic in scale. Any graphic novel project shorter than 500 pages will be rejected. Jumbo Pop's first graphic novel is expected in stores around August 2020. In the meantime, Jumbo Pop is pleased to talk about his successful career as a writer of works not yet published. Please direct all interview questions to his agent David Hopkins.