It's a good week when my comics for D Magazine and Quick both hit at approximately the same time. The next four installments of WE'VE NEVER MET deal with Austin, SXSW, NX35, and the personalities of the various cities in Texas. It's my opportunity to pick on our neighbors a bit. All in good fun, of course. Best of all, we get some quality time with Liz and her band (still unnamed). Since the comic posts every other week, it's tricky to make each one "self contained" and still try to continue a larger story. I have to resist the urge to move too fast with what I want to develop. I could write WE'VE NEVER MET for as long as Quick and Chad Thomas are willing to tolerate me.

The March issue of D Magazine features a new SOUVENIR OF DALLAS (click here). This one was a real challenge. I knew what I wanted to do, but I had to interview everyone and get the quotes. Mike Snider at AllGood was such a nice guy. I could've talked with him for an hour. Pete Zotos of St. Pete's Dancing Marlin returned my call while he was at a Cowboys game! It was a short conversation, but I appreciate his effort. Tim Frazin, owner of Zini's Pizzeria, was a fortunate last minute interview. I was roaming the streets of Deep Ellum at night trying to find a third restaurant after my other interview never materialized. I saw Zini's was open. Tim was there. We had a good conversation. He's a cool guy. In fact, Zini's is also seen in WE'VE NEVER MET. They might become the official pizza of my comics -- like Duff Beer in the Simpson's, but real. Paul Milligan did a great job as always with a script that wasn't the easiest to work with.

Speaking of difficult scripts, David DeGrand finished the first page of our Happy Bullets mini-comic (the song: "F--k Yeah, I'm In Love With You"). It looks great. I went overboard with these scripts. Working with DeGrand and the Happy Bullets lyrics, it's hard not to get a little weird. In fact, "Lead Balloon" might be one of the best comics I've ever written. No words and pitch perfect. No pressure, DeGrand.

In case anyone missed the tweet, Brock Rizy and I finalized our proposal for EMILY EDISON AND THE END OF THE WORLD. http://twitpic.com/156bin

And one more thing I'm excited about, the talented Chris Medellin has launched his webcomic for Roam. Bookmark it. Seriously good work.