WE ARE 1976

There's a new design shop in Dallas called We Are 1976. It's on North Henderson Avenue across the street from Barcadia. They're now carrying copies of KARMA INCORPORATED: POOR MR. WILSON (112 page graphic novel) and ONE NIGHT STAND (32 page mini-comic anthology). Thank you, We Are 1976! If you haven't visited one of the many local comic book shops and would still like to pick up my books, this store is a new option. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with We Are 1976. (Although, technically, I'm 1977.) They intend to help develop our creative community, offering workshops and gallery events. So, like all the best stores, they are much more than a store. If they ever want/need someone to talk about writing comic books, I'll be there. Speaking of, I've noticed a lot of people are teaching university classes on comics and graphic novels. Bendis is teaching at Portland State University (click here). Paul Hornschemeier is teaching at the University of Chicago (click here). And Nunzio DeFilippis taught "Writing For Sequential Art" at UCLA. There are more people I'm forgetting.

I need to find out how I can start something in my area. SMU? UTD? UTA? I'm available in the evenings and during the summer.

And I will work for money. It's true.

I have 10 years teaching experience in the public schools, English and Creative Writing. I'm the coach for our UIL Ready Writing team. I led a full day workshop at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. I've spoken at events hosted by the Dallas Museum of Art, ArtLoveMagic, and The Writer's Garrett. I may not have Bendis's portfolio, but my brain is action-packed with script writing knowledge.

Who knows? Maybe I need to get a few more things in print before I start worrying about this stuff, but I enjoy Creative Writing and it'd be nice to have a few more opportunities -- and maybe someday make the transition from high school to college.