While I spend this weekend folding and stapling some 500+ minicopies, I thought I would take a break to thank the 34 backers who contributed to my Kickstarter project.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jenni Leder, Adam Gutierrez, April Wenzel, Justin Stewart, Andrew Dalgleish, J. Kyle Fagan, Leah Wilson, Dawn Toh, Tania Kaufmann, Andy Baio, Deborah Driscoll, Vincent Kukua, Zack Sinkler, Phillip Ginn, Brandy Davis, Kevin Nguyen, Gordon McAlpin, Holly Lindem, Jamie Tanner, Kristina Egrigoz, Geoff Johnston, Sarah Jane Semrad, Wim Bens, Jamie Baker, Steven New, Sarah Nash, Dan Hughes, Jessica Stewart, Nate Bramble, Jason Rodriguez, Abeni Garrett, Jonathan Foisset, Sarah Gaydos, and the Samlis

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I still need contact information from some of these people. If that's you, I sent an information request through Kickstarter weeks ago -- please respond. If it got lost in your inbox, then message your address to me. I can't send you a copy of ONE NIGHT STAND or any other goodies, if I don't have your address.

Later this week, I will post a listing of every retailer receiving copies of ONE NIGHT STAND. Look for a store near you, so you can purchase a copy on December 30th.

More exciting news: I will be in Los Angeles for Indy Comic Book Week. Christopher Higginson, Sina Grace, Cat Staggs, and I are signing at Golden Apple Comics. I'll send more information once I have it.