Our second installment of WE’VE NEVER MET is now available. Pick up a copy of Quick in racks around town. You can see it online, but it’s not quite the same as the delicious full size print version.

This one was trickier.

Here’s how the process works. I script something and send it to Geoff Johnston for comedic feedback. (“A third public radio station that broadcasts only pledge drives” was Geoff. I forget the original line.) I don’t consider myself a naturally funny person. I mean, I can be funny, but it’s like calling someone a designer because they can put together Ikea furniture. I know what funny looks like. I know how to follow the directions to get to funny, but it’s not a nature process. For this reason, I try to keep WE’VE NEVER MET from being a straight forward “gag comic.”

After I banter with Geoff for a bit, I then send it to my editor Rob Clark for further feedback and approval. (We had several revisions on the final line.) Then, it goes to Chad.

With WE’VE NEVER MET is in its infant stages, we’re still working through the character designs. This one introduces Liz’s friend Addie. Although she looks great now, we had a difficult time designing Addie. I knew what she needed to look like in my head, but something was lost in communicating it to Chad. That falls on me. What you see on the page is version 4.0. Chad was tremendously patient -- hairstyle, clothing, and body type. I was in full out nitpicky mode.

In the end, I think this comic is better than our first, but it wasn’t the graceful process that you dream it will be. Eventually, we’ll fall into a good rhythm.