There are ten days left on my Kickstarter pledge drive. It was exciting to hit our goal so early, but it also caused the contributions to slow down. The goal represents the bare minimum I need to get the mini-comic printed and distributed to as many stores as possible. When you factor in the fees subtracted from Kickstarter (5%) and Amazon (4%), printing (one color cover, eight b&w interior pages front and back), and shipping -- the $800 we have so far is great, but we could do so much better.

Project page (CLICK HERE)

Think of it this way: I've found 25 people willing to pledge to ONE NIGHT STAND. Compared to other comic book projects (that I would also highly recommend), these numbers are actually kinda low.

Gordon Alpin has 182 backers.
Jamie Tanner has 108 backers.
Poorcraft has 226 backers.

Surely, I can get more than 25 people to each pledge $5 to get this mini-comic sent to as many North American retailers as possible.

NEWLY ADDED REWARD: As a last minute reward level, for anyone who donates $10 or more, I will send them a hand-made thank you card -- with a crappy little sketch from me. I'm not a great artist, but I will certainly try to make it look nice. Crayons? Markers? Glitter? I'll try anything to make your card... special.

Plus, we still have two slots open for the $100 level: art + care package + ten comics ship to the store of your choice + 1 comic shipped to you + thank you listed in the comic.

So, there you go. I'm leaving this project in your hands. I'm not the type to keep knocking at your door. (Oops. We're dealing with a mixed metaphor.) I greatly, greatly appreciate everyone who has donated so far. We're almost done! But it would be awesome if we could get a few more supporters on board before I start printing and shipping this mini-comic. Thank you!

Project page (CLICK HERE)