Yesterday, I was invited to the Burleson Public Library (Burleson, population 30,300) to speak with the Manga Club (population 15). I was introduced as an award-winning comic book writer, which I guess is technically true. I talked about the manga industry versus the American comic book industry, and what American comic book creators can do to be competitive in the future. Afterwards, one kid asked me to sign his YuGiOh card. "M'kay."

Then another kid asked me to sign his school ID. "Cool."
Then someone asked me to sign his Nintendo DS. "Uh... sure."
Then a person asked me to sign his cell phone. "Sure, why not?"

At that point, a kid looked at me and asked suspiciously: "How famous are you?"

Damn. I've been discovered.

"Not very." He looked disappointed. I was disappointed. "I'm locally well known... in Dallas... in certain social circles... especially with people who read comics."