Hello friends and acquaintances,

Diamond Comic Distributors will not ship any new comic books for the week of December 30th. There's been some talk about reserving that week for independent creators to provide original material for our favorite comic shops.

A year ago, I created a project called MINE ALL MINE. The mini-comic was a series of one page vignettes -- about thieves, crooks, scoundrels, con artists, etc. Each page, a different artist, written and arranged by me, all about stealing stuff. Here's the online version.

I'd like to do a similar comic book to be released on December 30th. It's going to be called ONE NIGHT STAND. Stories about "casual encounters." The stories won't all be overtly sexual or explicit. Like MINE ALL MINE, I'm working with a broad definition. This mini-comic will explore sex and intimacy, guilt and anonymity, risk and fantasy. Lovely stuff.

I want to use this ONE NIGHT STAND concept as an opportunity to grow as a storyteller. I'd like to work with people who are experienced comic book artists, but also talented artists who have never attempted a comic before. It's only a one page commitment (hence "One Night Stand"), and should be a good opportunity to try something new.

April Wenzel is working the cover. It's going to look good, heck-I-wish-I-thought-of-this-first good.

IMPORTANT: If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you a script as soon as possible. Due date for the finished inked and lettered page is October 30th. I need it grayscale, 300 dpi, tiff, 5.5"(width) x 8.5"(height). Put your name on page somewhere at the bottom, title at the top. I'll credit myself on the title page, along with all the participating artists.

Please, any other talented people who you think might be interested, let them know.

I'll print enough mini-comics for you to have copies. Send me a list of your favorite comic shops, and I'll make sure they get complimentary copies as well. If you want to print and sell your own or feature your own page on your site, whatever you want to do with it is up to you. A few months after the print version of the comic book, I'll make everything available online. Any copies I sell will be used to offset the printing.

I'm excited about what will come together. If this one page project sounds like fun, join us. If not, no worries.