I haven't posted anything in quite a few days. I've been busy with my first week back at school and Kennedy's first week of school. It's just one of those chaotic seasons.

Dallas Comic Con was good (photos posted). I had dinner with lovely local artist and professor Erica Stephens, also hung out with Kyle Kondas. Great guy. April got back from China, so it's wonderful to have her home. April and I went to the Star Wars gallery show at the Soda Gallery. Afterward, April, Paul Milligan, and I went to Lee Harvey's to see two bands. *ahem* I finished Gaiman's The Graveyard Book audiobook. Read ASTERIOS POLYP and Andi Watson/Simon Gane's PARIS. Brent Schoonover and I did an interview for the Half-Hour Wasted podcast. It should post sometime in next two weeks. I'll share the link, once I have it. Last night, April and I went to a football game, and then to the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge.

And I'm working on a project for Indy Comic Book Week.

There. We're all current.