I will have copies at Dallas Comic Con. But if you're just too darn excited to wait, the KARMA INCORPORATED SCRIPT BOOK is available on Lulu for $9.99 (click here). I ordered a proof copy, so it's possible you may get the book before I do. I'm almost 100% confident there won't be any print errors. I followed all the specs very carefully. Got some helpful feedback from A.C. Hall who uses Lulu a lot. Cover design by Paul Milligan.

This script book features the first series POOR MR. WILSON and the unreleased second series VICE AND VIRTUE. The book also includes sketches, original pages, and promotional art by KARMA INCORPORATED collaborator, Tom Kurzanski.

There are two other "surprise" short stories at the end, but the main course is the unreleased VICE & VIRTUE script. It may be the only place where you'll be able to read what happens in the second series. This is why I decided to print a script book for KARMA INCORPORATED as opposed to one of the other comics I've written. Exclusive content, oh yeah.