This week, Paul Milligan and I are working on SOUVENIR OF DALLAS for the August D Magazine. Oh yes, the Best of Big D issue. Here's a portion of our email conversation to work through the details.

TIM: Arrows! Can I get arrows pointing from the ID boxes to the people? You've used arrows in the past. I like arrows. They are pointy.

DAVID: Agree on the arrows. Dammit, Paul, we like our arrows! :)

PAUL: I know, I know! It's just a rough!!! Just assume from now on that if you don't see arrows but think you should, they will eventually be there. :)

DAVID: Paul, all this talking, and I still don't see no damn arrows on this rough file! I'm waiting.

TIM: You guys are awesome. Next time, the arrows are on me. My treat.

PAUL: Wait... where do the arrows go again?

DAVID: I have a few ideas on where you could put those arrows...

See? We are absolute professionals.