Thank you to everyone who participated in my little Twitter joke. The premise: "Send me a reply tweet & tell me 'Congrats!' or 'Good job!' etc. Be vague. If people ask what's up, say nothing."

Everyone who participated:
@seanjackson Awesome job buddy!
@thoughtbrain I'm so happy for you, congrats!!
@D_MacPherson Congrats, my friend! This is fabulous news!
@ccuellar Congratulations!
@carissa That's awesome!
@kenlowery Oh man, huge news! Good job, and pack extra socks!
@LenNWallace You go, you!
@FarfisaLovie High five! Congrats!
@jamarnicholas YO THAT'S AMAZING NEWS! Congrats!
@Clay_Harrison Congrats!
@dcorsetto Hey man, nice job!! I'm really excited for you!
@JasonCopland Congratulations, man! Awesome news, indeed!
@superleezard Congrats man, that is awesome!
@scotthinze Nice work, brother.
@fanboyvideo Great job man, AWESOME!!!!!
@BrianDenham DUDE! I just heard the good news! Congrats!
@kodychamberlain Wow, that's HUGE NEWS! Had no idea you were working with him on that. Keep me posted on the progress.
@SCederlund Congrats. That's the best news I've heard all day.
@amboy00 That's incredible! Serious congrats. I will be waiting for the net to explode from the news of your success.
@Lea_Hernandez Holy SHIT, David! Why didn't you tell me? CONGRATS!
@Lea_Hernandez "We'll get your shit together, use our contacts, and BOOM! you are solid gold!" What's so hard about that?
@schmeschme Wow, that's huge! Very impressive,sir!
@richjohnston congrats!
@marcmason That's phenomenal! Congrats!

More than a few people were confused. Score. Honestly, this positive energy was so nice, I almost forgot I didn't do anything.