Since there will be no CAPE this year in Dallas, I'm going to Comicpalooza in Houston for Free Comic Book Day. I just mailed my artist alley application.

We have to write our own bios for the convention website. I tend to be a straight forward bio person: "David wrote this, this, and this. He won this award and this one. He teaches English and Creative Writing. He lives in Arlington with his daughter."

On guest section of their website, it's amusing to read inflated phrases like "critically acclaimed" (used three times), "is quickly developing into a comic creator worth watching," and "a writer to keep your eye on." All awards are "prestigious awards." All work is "distinctive." Someone is "famous for his stunning work" on whatever. One person's career is "amazing," and another person created "legendary" characters.

I think I'm going to be "beloved" in my bio. That sounds nice.