Some non-comic talk for a moment. I'm a huge fan of the Beatles. On my iTunes, I decided to create a playlist for an "abridged White Album." One could argue it's their best release with the exception of a few weaker songs. The argument goes something like this (quoting Wikipedia) --

Producer George Martin has said that he was against the idea of a double album at the time and suggested to the group that they reduce the number of songs in order to form a single album featuring their stronger work, but that the band decided against this.

Interviewed for the Beatles Anthology, Starr said he now felt it should have been released as two separate albums.

Harrison felt on reflection that some of the tracks could have been released as B sides, but "there was a lot of ego in that band". He also supported the idea of the double album, to clear out the backlog of songs the group had at the time.

McCartney, by contrast, said it was fine as it was and that its wide variety of songs was a major part of the album's appeal.

Ultimately, I agree with McCartney, but I couldn't resist. Let the debate begin. Here's my abridged White Album:

1. Dear Prudence
2. Glass Onion
3. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
5. Martha My Dear
6. Blackbird
7. Piggies
8. I Will
9. Julia
10. Mother Nature's Son
11. Helter Skelter
12. Revolution 1
13. Honey Pie
14. Savoy Truffle
15. Cry Baby Cry

If you want to play along at home, your list can't have more than 15 songs. Fewer, if you feel so bold, but no more.