Evan posted some photos from the weekend on his Flickr account. They look much better than the photos I took. Plus, there are two pictures of me with the mythic fedora. Yes or no?

It was a good show. I especially enjoyed hanging out with Paul and Evan. And just when I think there is no one left in Dallas who will buy my books, I sell a few more. I was inspired to start work on a new idea (more info soon), never mind my already mounting list of projects-in-progress. Paul and I worked on a cover concept for HOW TO LOSE BIG. It's going to look good. Food was an issue on Saturday. Usually, they have a vendor who serves hot dogs, cheeseburgers, frito pie, etc. No such luck. My lunch came from a vending machine. It kinda felt like being at school. I picked up THE TOURIST (Brian Wood/Toby Cypress) and MAINTENANCE, Vol. 1 (Jim Massey/Robbi Rodriguez ) for $2 each. The hit of the show was Nick Derington's Spacemen cards. Then we found out each pack had the same seven cards. We were hoping, unrealistically, that there'd be 128 cards we could collect and trade. However, the seven available were still very, very cool. More, Nick! We need more!

Also, this weekend, I got in touch with Tim Rogers at D Magazine. SOUVENIR OF DALLAS has been delayed for a few months, but we should be in the April issue.

Then last night, went and saw THE WRESTLER, which was an amazing film. I can't stop thinking about it. I see it as a story about three people stuck on "playing their roles" regardless of better judgment -- the daughter Stephanie who cannot forgive her father, because she has been cast into the part of the victim (probably at the urging of her girlfriend), the stripper Cassidy, who cannot move beyond referring to Randy as her "customer" and relate to him as a romantic possibility, and Randy who must appease his fans everywhere and anywhere despite the cruel consequences.