April went to Austin. Apparently, in her absence, this is what I do...

* Went to Zeus Comics. Jason Janik took my picture for an upcoming profile in Quick, a local weekly newspaper. While there, I also bought JAMILTI & OTHER STORIES by Rutu Modan.

* Played kickball. Josh McKibben organized the Kickball Club. They play every Saturday at Glencoe Park in Dallas, very friendly and welcoming group. I realized just how pathetic I am at sports. In one of the more memorable moments, I ran to grab the fly ball. It bounced out of my hands. I dashed forward to grab it a second time, but my forward momentum was such that I lost my balance, hit the ground while rolling head over heels. Not that I was surrounded by athletes, it was quite common to see a person kicking the ball while holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other.

* Talk comics. Paul Milligan came over, and we caught up on all the recent comic/geek stuff.

* Went to Lone Star Comics. Obviously, one comic shop in an afternoon isn't enough. I showed Paul the new Lone Star on Cooper Street. It's a nice place. We wandered around, browsing. I survived without buying anything.

* Ate at Mega Chinese Buffet (actual name). Without April around, health and common sense go out the window. Final damage: Two trips to fill my plate and finishing with a bowl of jello.

* Work. What Paul actually came over for. We finished plotting the story HOW TO LOSE BIG. I'm happy with it. Paul's a good co-writer. He had most of the good ideas.

* Watched WANTED. I enjoyed the movie. It had all the goofy SPEEDRACER physics, but with violence. Lots of violence.

And now, it's Sunday morning, and I'm about to play some AGE OF EMPIRES III. Thus, April is gone for a day, and my life spirals into video games, comics, movies, food, and kickball.