I was listening to the Diane Rehm Show on KERA. Topic was the role of libraries in economic hard times. It got me thinking, and I wanted to bounce an idea off some people.

Problem: I'm running out of shelf space for my graphic novels, and every week I keep buying more. In class, we're reading Thoreau, and his admonition to "simplify, simplify" led me to a possible solution.

Donate all my graphic novels to the nearby library. I've heard some people put their massive comic book collection in public storage. The library is certainly cheaper, and it would give me the opportunity to share my books with others. I could visit my books whenever I want. Bonus: If I could convince others to do it, I expand the number of graphic novels I have access to. Possible drawbacks: (1) Library may not take all my books. Sometimes they get diverted to a book sale, and now they're gone. (2) I will have to assume a few will get lost, stolen, and damaged. (3) The library may take my books, but they may not keep them for as long as I would. I'm afraid they might throw them away to make way for other books. (4) I can't access the books on a whim. It's 2 AM. I'm bored, and I want to flip through chapter 10 of FROM HELL. (5) If I move, I've lost my books.

I don't think it would work unless I went all in. To some degree, I need to get over my sentimental attachment. I read them. I keep them. And now, I have no room for anything else. How often do I re-read comics anyways? Sometimes, sure, but enough to justify permanent archival? This way, I'm just moving them down the street. The moving issue wouldn't affect me for a few years. With Kennedy and Melissa in Arlington, I'm locked into this zip code. I have about 14 years before Kennedy is college bound.

What are your thoughts? Am I crazy? Is it just crazy enough to work? I don't know. If any of you have a library background or experience, I would love your thoughts.