I like New Year's Resolutions. They can be hokey, but there's nothing wrong with figuring out what you want to accomplish in next year. To keep me honest, here are mine:

* Lose weight. Get healthy. Oh god. Isn't that terribly predictable? Me and every other American. I'm 5'6" and roughly 175 lbs. I wouldn't say I'm incredibly overweight, but I certainly cannot let it get any worse. My days of drinking six sodas and having a bowl o' meat for dinner are over.

* Redesign Nunzio and Christina's website. For those who don't know, I'm responsible for their site. (click here) The blog itself is beautiful. They have much to say. The site, however, needs an update. Every year I tend to update my own site, I'm holding off to refocus my nitpicking on Nunzio and Christina's.

* Get something published. This resolution might be the number one priority. I've mentioned this before, but 2008 was a slow year -- not including my work with D Magazine. I have the upcoming PopGun Vol. 3, but beyond that, I need to get some more material in print.

* Read. Last year's resolution was to read every play written by Shakespeare. I wasn't able to complete the task in one year, but it's still a goal. There's so much to learn from Shakespeare. It would be absurd to ignore him. This year, my resolution is more general: keep reading. April and I have a two person book club. So far, we've read Lord Vishnu's Love Handles, No One Belongs Here More Than You, The Gum Thief, and Slam. We went on hiatus for me to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, while April read Eat Pray Love. However, the book club returns with The Sportswriter by Richard Ford, followed by Chip Kidd's The Learners. This year, I also want to read The Corner and get in the habit of reading more scripts.

* Pay off some bills. Last year was all about survival. After the divorce, money was tight on both sides. Reality: I will never make much money as a high school teacher and comic book writer. The best I can hope for is to live comfortably within my ability. That means, I need to get rid of my debt. Fortunately, my car payment is over and done with by November. Let's all hope my VW Jetta lives a long time before I need to purchase another car. I tried to consolidate my bills through Frost Bank, but my credit rating was deplorable after not paying Dish Network for a few months. (It's all paid off now.) If I had $8650, I could pay off everything. Anyone in Hollywood want to option KARMA INCORPORATED or ASTRONAUT DAD? I have a very specific number in my head.

There you go. My resolutions. In the comments section, please share your own. I'd love to read them.