I have an RSS and Atom feed on this site, but only because other people have requested it. I haven't ever used a site feed reader before. Normally, I would simply go through my bookmarks and repeatedly visit a site until it updated. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Oh yeah, old school. However, I've now caught up with the rest of you. I discovered Google Reader when I finally cleared out my inbox (a personal goal accomplished). With nothing in your inbox, gmail rewards you with this message: "No new mail! Want to read updates from your favorite sites? Try Google Reader." Hmmm, I guess I will. Lo and behold, it was surprisingly easy to find all my friends' blogs and my favorite sites. What usually takes me an hour, I finished in ten minutes -- I visited all the sites I like to visit. I sat at my computer trying to figure out what to do with my extra time. Crap, I guess I have to get some work done. It's frustrating to be left without excuses.