KERA's Art & Seek is creating an online gallery of art spaces, a virtual studio crawl. Inspiration came from a contest called "Make Space for Artists - Design-a-Studio," sponsored by La Reunion TX and The Dallas Museum of Art.

To encourage the project along, they approached several local artists (including me) to talk about their work area. Click here for the full tour.

David Hopkins

Media: comics/graphic novels

Number of years in this space: 5

What do you enjoy most about working here? When my girlfriend, the product designer, moved in, we had the office divided in two — one side for her desk and one side for mine. It took us an hour pushing furniture around to finally come to an arrangement we could tolerate. I like sharing the room. As a necessity, I junked my funky amoeba-shaped Ikea desk, opting for a more efficient Container Store table. The self-important amoeba took too much space. How much square footage does a comic book writer need? Smaller desk, less mess, and while some might feel cramped, it's actually rather cozy.

What would you improve if you could? A rug might be nice to make the space a tad more friendly. Also, a rug would prevent me from wearing a hole through the wood floors when I scoot around in my roller chair. Most of my wants are computer oriented. All the cool-kid scriptwriters use Final Draft; I'm stuck with Microsoft Word. It's hard to justify the cost. I have an external hard drive, but a back-up to the back-up would help me sleep better.