Where have I been lately? I missed some great reviews for Astronaut Dad. On January 14th, Marc N. Kleinhenz from Silver Bullet Comics gave our book "4.5 out of 5 bullets."

To put it simply – and it should be, given that David Hopkins’s story is simple yet sharp, its focus narrow but highly refined – the script is extremely well written, combining characterization, humor, and even touches of romance deftly and effortlessly. Its fast, even pace moves at a consistently and refreshingly crisp pace, yet not so fast that one thinks he’s reading a Fiona Avery-penned script. Indeed, if brevity is the soul of wit, then Astronaut Dad has more soul than most other comics combined; in fact, that it has a soul at all speaks volumes about its conception, construction, and execution.

Then on January 28th, Michael May at Newsarama said in his review:

The story spends some time with the three astronauts, but the most powerful moments are when it focuses on Jimmy and Ed Kelly’s daughter Vanessa. Jimmy resents his dad, but Vanessa is fiercely proud of hers. The two kids are different in other ways too, but they strike up a friendship and that – in the midst of so much uncertainty about their dads, their country, and the fate of the world – is the beautiful part of this story.

Both reviewers dug deep to analyze this story, and I appreciate all the thought they put into it.

Astronaut Dad is also the January selection for the Steve Austin Book Club (click here for the announcement and then here to read their discussion). I'm especially pleased Astronaut Dad encouraged EG and OG of the Book Club to share some touching stories about their fathers. How cool is that? I couldn't be happier.