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Update on the Writer's Strike (via Newsarama): Brian K. Vaughan on what it all means to him.

Plus, Vaughan responds to the question: Will comic writers ever unionize?

I certainly hope so, though I’m sure that makes many of my beloved employers cringe.

I talked about this when Whedon interviewed me over at CBR a few months back, but I think it’s worth repeating here...

When I used the great Cloak and Dagger in Runaways, Bill Mantlo, the man who helped create them, didn’t get anything, to the best of my knowledge. Not even a credit. And I’m not blaming my friends at Marvel (or DC, for that matter), all of whom are good people who’ve always been beyond fair with me. It’s just indicative of the broken system, one that I’m very much a part of.

For the record, Bill Mantlo was struck by a hit-and-run driver a few years ago, and now requires expensive daily care that’s way beyond what modest means he was left with after dedicating much of his life to our industry. And while things like The Hero Initiative, an absolutely worthwhile cause that I totally support, exist to help comic creators in financial need, THOSE CREATORS SHOULD NOT BE IN FINANCIAL NEED.

I know the Writers Guild of America isn’t a perfect union, but I was afforded more benefits and protections in my first few months with the WGA as a work-for-hire screenwriter than I was ever given in a decade of working in comics. And again, I’ve been treated pretty honorably throughout my career, and have made more money than I ever deserved doing this “job,” but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still be concerned about the generations of writers and artists before and after me.

Anyway, I know that smarter people than I have tried and failed to unionize in the past, so for now, we’ll have to help creators like Bill Mantlo by donating directly to organizations like The Mantlo Project, or to the aforementioned The Hero Initiative. But it would be nice to see the day when they weren’t necessary.

And one more update. Zeus Comics has partnered with Project Rooftop for a contest. Details below:

Tuesday November 06th 2007, 1:59 pm

Break out your golden lassos, kids! Project: Rooftop is teaming up with Zeus Comicsof Dallas, TX for a costume contest event in honor of fan-favorite creator Gail Simone’supcoming run writing for the world’s greatest and most recognizable superheroine,Wonder Woman! Starting today, we are accepting entries for the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War, with Zeus Comics providing cool prizes for the top redesigns!

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Additional Prizes - P:R and ZC may provide a few extra goodies for the other striking entries, if we see something that really knocks our socks off!

Send in your Wonder Woman redesigns to editors@projectrooftop.com, with the subject line, “Wonder Woman Wardrobe War!” Please include your full name, age, website, and mailing address for prize shipment.

All entries must be received by November 20th, 2007!

More Info:

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