While you're busy pre-ordering the Karma Incorporated TPB (yes and thank you, by the way), make sure to add Comic Foundry Magazine to your sub list. The grassroots movement continues! We fought to get it in Previews. Now we need it on the shelves -- and we're talking large numbers here!

From Tim Leong:

Some Info on the Mag:
I'm emailing you because the new Comic Foundry Magazine needs your help. We're in the new Previews Catalog and we need your help getting the magazine into stores this September. If you want to see the magazine in stores, you can help by asking your local shop to order a copy for you. In fact, we've got a special order form below for just that.

The market already has Wizard and The Comics Journal talking to the two very opposite ends of fandom, but no one is speaking to the wide and growing number of fans who find themselves somewhere in between. Personally, I read a mix of superhero comics, indie comics, and manga. My reading isn’t limited to just one category -- I like to mix it up, and I think you do too.

Comic Foundry is also different by approaching comics from a lifestyle perspective, with stories about how comics can influence your everyday life, through fashion, decorating, music, nightlife, and more. Comic Foundry defies traditional stereotypes about comic book fans with a smart and stylish package designed to draw readers of every stripe into the fold.

Stories in our first issue include:
- Interviews with comic stars like Brad Meltzer, Mark Millar, Brian K. Vaughan and Garth Ennis
- A feature interview with actress Kristen Bell on life after Veronica Mars
- An overview of the coolest comic book t-shirts available
- A feature exploring sex in comics, and what your pull list says about you

The Fine Print:
Comic Foundry is in the July Previews on page 384, #JUL073987. The first issue is 80 pages, black and white, and at $5.98, it's one cent cheaper than Wizard.

Printable Reservation Form: