On page 357 of the July 2007 Previews catalog:
from Viper Comics, Karma Incorporated Vol. 1 "Poor Mr. Wilson" GN
by David Hopkins and Tom Kurzanski, color by Marlena Hall
soft cover, 6x9, 112 pages, full color

Diamond Order Code #JUL073898 (SRP $11.95)

"The Making of Karma Incorporated"

"Entertaining premise with an equally engaging cast of characters" -- Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Buzzscope.com

"Terrific story. Terrific dialogue. Terrific idea." -- Marc Mason, Movie Poop Shoot

"One of the funniest comics I have ever read. Readers should read with care as this is a certifiable gut buster!" -- Raven Gregory, writer for The Gift

"We're enjoying the hell out of this book: it's funny, it's got a nice trace of bitterness, and we have no idea where the hell it's going." -- NeedCoffee.com