My high school reunion is this October (WEBSITE). I just RSVP'd for the event. Usually, this is the obligatory oh-how-time-passes-don't-I-feel-old commentary. Eh. I like getting older. It's better than the alternative. High school was okay, but I'd much rather be where I am now. Back then, I didn't have Melissa. I didn't have Kennedy. And now, I could never imagine exchanging these days for those. Plus, television is better now. It was fun scrolling through the class directory. I lived in Mansfield from kindergarten all the way through my senior year of high school -- those very familiar names, new last names, random careers attached, commentary and quiet desperation. Some people I'd like to see again. It's morbid curiousity.

Are they happy? Those who were beautiful and cruel, the marginalized and forgotten, the athletes and drama queens, the burnouts, the stuck-up, class clowns, class stars, freaks and fanatics, facists, the awkward, the quiet, the fearless and always afraid.