8/21/06 ~ From Thebes to Dallas

These projects have been a long time coming. I started work on both Antigone and Jack Ruby almost three years ago. And finally, we've got some pages to show for it. Here's a sneak peek of two page spreads for each title section. They look even better posted next to each other -- almost as though we planned it that way.

Antigone is being published by Silent Devil; Jack Ruby is still without a publisher. Each one is an adaptation from original source material (the play Antigone, obviously, and the Warren Commission's interrogation of Jack Ruby). Let me say this: writing adaptations are really, really hard. You'd think it'd be easier, because the story is already there. But I found myself continually constrained by the narrative, and struggling to re-discover the story and it's pacing. In many ways, I felt more like an editor than a writer. It gave me the opportunity to do heavy research, and become something of an authority on these two subjects.

Thank you Tom and Brian for all the work you've done. The art is beautiful.