6/29/06 ~ Sweet Emily

A nice article on Emily Edison from Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer, READ HERE.

There is no good way of recapping the plot of a comic book without sounding like a total dork. But trust me: The story's first-rate, and the art's equally impressive. (Some of Rizy's work for Emily Edison hung for a while in the bar at the Magnolia Theater; on more than one occasion I overheard patrons inquire about purchasing the pieces, which is the nicest compliment anyone could ever offer.) Fact is, despite the copious action sequences at which Rizy excels -- his work is reminiscent of that of Jack Kirby, Mike Mignola and, especially, Kyle Baker, with some anime and Kim Possible thrown in -- the story holds its own, refusing to obscure its broken-family subtext behind standard superhero derring-do.

Emily Edison is now available for purchase from the Viper Comics online shop. Also, I'm proud to say Viper is SOLD OUT of Karma Incorporated #1.