6/29/06 ~ Kudos from Kultur

There's a nice article in the FORT WORTH WEEKLY for June 28-July 4 on page 25. It's also available online --> http://www.fwweekly.com/content.asp?article=4024

Or if you're too lazy to click on the link...

Emily, Away!

Local graphic novel writer David Hopkins is celebrating the release of his first full-length work, Emily Edison, by ... leaving town.

Stop your whinin': He's not going away permanently. He and the artist he works with, Brock Rizy, are merely embarking on a book tour that will take them through Texas, to San Diego for Comic-Con International, to Oklahoma, then back home. The dynamic duo will hit the road on July 1, shortly after a release party for Emily (Viper Comics) from noon 'til 7 p.m. today (Wednesday) at Dallas' Zeus Comics (Turtle Creek Village, 3878 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. 100E; 214-219-TOYS).

Hopkins has been writing for two years and released his first series, Karma Incorporated, last year. In addition to Karma and Emily, Hopkins also contributes essays on iconographic heroes for BenBella Books' Smart Pop series (http://smartpopbooks.com). In July, he'll also begin writing an online monthly column on indie comics for the 'zine PopSyndicate.com.

As for Emily, she's just your typical superpowered teen-ager torn between her divorced super-parents' respective multi-dimensional homes and a jealous alternaverse grandfather who wants to get her all to himself by destroying Earth. Rizy's hip, blocky, graphic design-tinged art is as crafty and wry as the multi-dimensional child custody battle plotline. For more, visit www.antiherocomics.com.

Thank you to everyone (and there were a lot of you) who showed up for the signing at Zeus Comics. We really appreciate the support. The release party at Ciudad was very cool.

Check out these reviews by Steven and Lisa. Very nice.

The tour continues! On Saturday, we're going to the Border's in Mesquite from 2 to 5. And then next Thursday, we'll be at Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman, Oklahoma. Then a few days later on July 8th and 9th, we'll be at the Sci-Fi Expo in Plano.

One last thing: Flight 3 is in stores now! You must get it.