6/4/06 ~ Art Prostitute in Deep Ellum

Last night, I met up with Kristian at the Art Prostitute opening in Deep Ellum. The event included an exhibit by Dave Kinsey, whose art reminds me a bit of Paul Hornschemeier. The store/gallery is really cool. We need a place like this in Dallas to feature alternative print design and art, especially one friendly to comics -- I saw books by Chip Kidd, Chris Ware, Top Shelf, and a few minicomics. If you live in the Dallas area, I highly recommend checking it out. Daniel was there, which only proves we were at a hip, hip place (because of course, he's one hip mofo). Daniel's working on some cool stuff right now -- music, art community, and modifying his bike. Anyone know how to weld?

Some photos I took with my lovely new cellphone...

After the party, Kristian and I went to Cafe Brazil, got something to eat, went to Elm Street Bar and then July Alley. Spent most of the time talking about comics, relationships, and family. Good evening.