3/23/06 ~ Fly Emily! Fly!

Emily Edison is finished. It's all done. Last night, Brock and I went over every page and then sent it to Viper. And how fitting too, the April Previews catalog came out yesterday. On page 355 --

by David Hopkins & Brock Rizy
Emily Edison's teenage life is a blur --
homework, slumber parties, unrequited
crushes, school dances... and a jealous
grandfather planning to destroy the Earth!
Reality hangs in peril, and Emily must use
her otherworldly powers to save the place
she calls home in the ultimate interdimen-
sional custody battle! Introduction by Dave
Crosland, artist of Puffed, Heaven LLC,
and Bad Ideas. [ C: 0-0-2 ]
SC, 9x6, 144 pgs, FC...................$12.95

The order code is APR063434. As you may know, without belaboring the point, pre-orders are important for small press creators. There's no guarantee your local retailer will carry this particular book or order enough copies (a lot of stuff in that catalog), unless you pre-order it. Find the person behind the counter and say, "I'd like to pre-order Emily Edison... please." Give them the code, and they should be able to help you out.

Brock and I are very happy about the cover price. 144 pages, full color for $12.95. You'd be hard pressed to find a better value for a graphic novel, which is important. Younger kids interested in the book can't necessarily afford something more expensive. And I don't want price to stand in the way of a good read.

Coming soon: Emily animated. Oh yes.