2/15/06 ~ Buffet and bowling

Melissa and I had a great Valentine's. As of Monday, we had no plans set. But then, Melissa's mom called us and offered take care of Kennedy so we could do something. Cool. We went to a Chinese buffet in Mansfield. The place was packed, but we were seated in no time. The food there was really good!

Most importantly, it felt like a date. We've been so busy taking care of Kennedy, taking care of our jobs, taking care of the house, and all the other "taking care of" stuff that can occupy a lifetime, it was nice to sit down and talk.

Afterwards, we went to Forum Bowl in Grand Prairie. This is the best place to go. It's not super crowded, and reasonably priced. No neon colored pins or flashing strobe lights, just bowling. We bowled three games.