2/16/06 ~ Perfect Morning

Some mornings, everything falls into place. Lately, Kennedy's been fussy in the morning. She's been sick with a cough. This morning, she felt better, happier. We pulled out of the driveway. Normally, the left turn onto Park Row from my street is a pain since we live at the bottom of a small hill. Today, the street was wide open. I tuned my radio to 88.7. In the mornings, it's usually hit or miss--but still a better alternative to the crap Clear Channel is churning out. On this particular day, the songs were a perfect morning mix.

Fame - David Bowie
Stepping Stone - The Monkees
With or Without You - U2
(brief DJ commentary)
Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen
Something - The Beatles

Every intersection light was green. It was a smooth drive, a coca-cola, and good weather. Dropped my daughter off at day care. I pulled into the school parking lot without any cars trying to run me into the median. No students stepped in front of my car. I walked to my class, and no students were acting up in the hallroom, just chill. Open the door, and then the bell rings for students to come to class.