2/2/06 ~ In Memory of Seth Fisher

Talented, quirky, and innovative comic book artist Seth Fisher died last night (as reported by Newsarama).

Initial word came late last night from JH Williams III, who posted the news on the Barbelith Underground messageboard, writing:

"i just received some very saddening news this evening. my friend seth fisher has died. he was a great artist and i had the pleasure of calling him my friend. i also had the pleasure of working with him. he had such a great outlook to life and was always willing to think of things from another perspective. his work is some of most unique i have seen. for those who don't know what seth fisher has done in comics do a search for his name. pick up anything he has done and you will be amazed and delighted forever by his imagination. myself and those who knew him personally will miss him enormously. he always had this way to make you laugh and not to take things too seriously. cheers seth."

Comic Foundry interview with Seth
Newsarama interview with Zeb Wells and Seth Fisher
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I have a tremendous amount of respect for Seth and his artistic approach. Such a terrible loss, my prayers and condolences to Seth's family and friends.