2/1/06 ~ Bastards

Looks like someone hijacked my domain. Damn. I'm working with my provider and host to get this crap straighted out. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully, everything will resolve soon enough. If not, I might need a new domain? I hope not.

Update (2/2, 8:48 AM): I talked with one of my web-guru friends, and he says the website wasn't hijacked--my web host messed something up. I need to work things out with them, and it should be fixed.

Update (2/2, 11:06 AM): And we're back? I think so. Crisis averted. However, it did make me think... if I were to get a new domain (which I'm not going to anytime soon), any suggestions? I've been hounding the owner of davidhopkins.com, requesting to purchase it from him. He promises if he ever abandons it, I'll be the first person to know. That'd be cool.