1/2/06 ~ More better

I'm at school right now, getting my room and my curriculum ready for tomorrow's start of the Spring semester. I spent most of the morning logging grades to be exported. Mindless labor, but a good way to refresh myself on all my students' names.

This next weekend, Melissa and I will buy some new bookshelves and a new desk for the office. We're painting the office, hanging some art, and completely overhauling the mess that it currently is. I'll make sure to take a picture for everyone to see. It'll be nice to finish another room in the house, and especially one I spend so much time in.

Yesterday, I sent my essay to the Smart Pop editor. I've been agonizing over it for the past week. It's amazing how a 4,000 word essay on Superman can completely shatter all self-confidence I may have possessed. I'm looking forward to the notes for my re-write, because I will have to re-write. I hope there's something worth salvaging. I need to get better at my prose/essay writing. There's simply no excuse for me to struggle as much as I do. So there you go, New Year's resolution #1:

Become a better essayist

As a first step, I'd like to have something available, a short collection, in time for Staple. However, that may not be enough time. I just haven't spent enough time writing, probably more than most, but that's still not enough.

I have other New Year's resolutions, but none of them are all that surprising or orginal. I'd like to lose some weight. I'm only slightly overweight for my size, but there's just no excuse to not be in better health. I'd like to spend less money. Proud to say I don't do as much impulse buying as I did a few years ago, but I could still do better. And as always, I'd like to get more comics on the shelf.