12/27/05 ~ Happy birthday Lizz!

Am I allowed to say that Christmas kinda sucked this year? Kennedy was sick, which made the entire event a struggle against common sense. Our daughter should be home in bed, but noooo, we're trying to get her to open presents. It got ugly. Needless to say, our better judgment won out and we took her home, missing my parent's Christmas dinner. Fortunately, my loving mother brought us some food, and we had a much nicer evening.

Come to think of it, Thanksgiving sucked too. What gives?

Of course, the gifts were great, but as Charlie Brown taught me, Christmas is not about gifts and pink metal trees. It's true. However, I feel oddly compelled to tell you what I got anyways. From my parents, we got some money to buy a new bookshelf. My current one can't hold all the books, and so they are scattered throughout the office. It's a big mess. I'd like to get something like what Cal has (click here), but we'll have to see. I know Melisa would like to get a shelving unit that includes a desk, so we can fit a love seat/fold-out bed on the opposite wall. Make the office into a guest room for those wandering artists we like to take in. I'm sure we'll find something.

From Melissa, I got the complete scripts for Freaks & Geeks and the Office (BBC). I love these books. I'd say I enjoy reading good scripts almost more than anything else.

Lots of other stuff, but do you really want a play-by-play of every gift we received?

Despite not feeling well, the gift-aspect-of-Christmas (and all the following ones) is about Kennedy, and she got some cool toys, which are scattered throughout the living room. It'll take a complete of days to figure out a place for everything.

And most importantly, today is my sister's 21st birthday. Happy birthday Lizz! We're going to Dave & Buster's.