Saturday was the busiest day. Even still, turnout was uncharacteristically low for this convention. A lot of people suggested this was due to NASCAR weekend. However, I think it may be because Wizard World Texas was scheduled so close to Dallas Comic Con. Maybe a lot people already got their con fix? Would you rather pay $10 or $40 to attend a comic book convention? Much respect to Mark Walters and the work he's done. At the Dallas Comic Con, Melissa was able to meet and get her photo with Adam Baldwin for free. To even say "hi" to Summer Glau at Wizard World, it would cost $30. Fact is, for what you get, 3-day Wizard World admission is too high. The cost for exhibitor booths is too high. If the organizers can't find a way to make the numbers work otherwise, they may be in a lot of trouble. And hey, I only saw two stormtroopers the whole weekend.

That's not to say Wizard World wasn't a good event--only that turnout was low. The small press/artist alley was INCREDIBLE. So much talent. Definitely, the best part of the con (during show hours).

Karma Incorporated sold well at the Viper booth. More so, I'm excited to have new readers. Tom did some great sketches. He gave Melissa this really cool Nancy Drew.

The Fanboy Radio Art Show with Mahfood and Crosland. Dang. I'll be posting photos soon. I promise. This party was crazy--the DJ, the artists, the people there. We had a lot of fun. Melissa and I bought the first piece from Mahfood. We're going to hang it in our living room.

From there, Brock (read his WWTX report), Adam, and I went from there to the Wizard World Industry Party. Hung out with some friends.