11/5/05 ~ WWTX Day One

Technically, this is "day two", but I didn't have time to post yesterday.

So far, the convention is going really well. Of course, this is the first Wizard World Texas where I have a comic book to sell and not simply looking for a publisher. The Viper fans have been very supportive. Tom is in town, which has been a lot of fun. He showed me the first five pages of Karma Incorporated: Vice & Virtue, and they look incredible. I love these characters, no other word is more appropriate.

I've been volunteering at the ACTOR booth again. Terry Moore is there as a special guest of ACTOR. I'm such a fan. Both he and his wife Robyn have to be some of the nicest people too.

The talented Raven Gregory, writer of The Gift (published by Image) gave us a shout out on his letters page for issue 13:

"Karma Incorporated from Viper Comics. If you ever wanted to get revenge on your boss or whoever, this is some funny stuff. It made me smile"

I talked with Raven yesterday. Very cool guy.

The cook-out went very well. We had a good time. And like last year, we had more people there than I could keep track of. I hope everyone got a burger, but I'm not sure. I was grilling them as fast I could. There's probably more to be said, but I don't really have the time right now.

I've been taking pictures. And will upload them to the site soon.