5/22/05 ~ Suburbia

Right now, there's a guy sitting on our neighbor's porch (across the street). From our window, it looks like his wrists are cut. Blood everywhere. He's only wearing his boxers or board shorts. Can't really tell. There's also three police cars and a firetruck in front of the house. The police officers are slowly approaching him. Now, they lead him to the front yard where the paramedics are tending to him. An ambulance also arrived.

What the hell? More information as it comes.

* The guy has been taken away on a stretcher. Melissa just went over to ask our neighbor what happened.

* (Melissa talking) Okay, the boy lives on the other side of our street, other side of Park Row. He's bipolar and was off his medication. He busted out a window and took off. He ended up on our neighbor's porch. Our neighbor opened the door and said he was calling 911. The boy begged him not to. Our neighbor gave him a dish towel for his cut up arm, and then called the police. There was blood all over the porch.