5/22/05 ~ Random news

Spent most of Saturday working on the backyard. Mowing down the weeds. It was incredibly hot, and in May! No other way around it-- only the strong survive in Texas.

Invited my friends with Viper Comics over for a cook-out. The guys hung out on the backporch. The girls in the living room. I grilled hamburgers. I used a little too much lighter fuel. Exciting moment. (And the Darwin Award goes to...)

After the cookout, Brock, Brock's sister, Adam, and I went to the Caves Lounge on Division Street for some drinks. Had a good time.

On the Caves juke box, I discovered the band Arcade Fire. Promptly came home and downloaded some of their songs (via iTunes). I like it a lot. A lot.

Friday night, the invincible Oliver Tull premiered his short film "Equilateral" at Four Day Weekend. The film contains a cameo of my mini-comic. More information coming soon.

The back cover of Karma Incorporated #1 will feature a pin-up by Jim Mahfood (color by S. Steven Struble). I got the artwork today. It looks lovely.