5/16/05 ~ Weekend with my sister

Lizz, who presently resides in southern California, came to visit for the weekend for Kennedy's birthday party. I hadn't seen her in five months, so it was great to spend some time together. We went bowling, ate at SpringCreek (which for my sister is the epitome of Texas cuisine), played guitar, watched some movies, put together a swing set for Kennedy, and of course, enjoyed the birthday party. Kennedy, while hesitant at first, was quite pleased to stick her hands in the cake. Mmmmmm. Lizz bought two outfits for Kennedy. She always gets the best clothes. I do not doubt-- Kennedy will be the coolest one year old on the block!

Lizz loves Kennedy so much, and was amazed at how much she'd grown. Lizz must've taken a hundred photos while here. I know it was difficult for her to only stay three days and then have to leave again. I hated to see her go. I don't like having my family so far away, seeing them only a few times a year.

In other somewhat random news, Gimme Fiction by Spoon is one cool album.