5/16/05 ~ Good karma for Nicc

Nicc Balce is the writer/artist for the series Random Encounter. He's also done some work for Xbox Magzine and Electronic Gaming Monthly. This past week, Nicc did a beautiful pin-up for Karma Incorporated (click here).

I like some of the Deviant Art comments:

* What a great concept. not to mention beautiful art. (from patariku)

* Wootness. I really want a business card now. The texture and coloring is gorgeous. Great work as always. (from psychol-bob)

* wahh tha's sounds great and the pic awesome.... where do you think i can contact the Karma Inc?? (from Invader-Lobster)

* I love the redhead... sneaky-attitude but shexy! Great work! I'll have to check this comic out! (from StephenRSJr)

* ehehe... the girl reminds me of Janine from Ghostbusters. coolies (from xiaoyu07)

* i am in love with the red head! her outfit is so original and the man reminds me of MC Hammer for some reason XD sad. i know. Excellent job! (from acid-queen)

* hoo hoo.............. that sounds like a great premise (from darksideofthemind)

* sweet job...the colors are really great here...awesome work...diggin' the characters! (from websketcher)

I've also got a pin-up coming, sometime this week, from Jim Mahfood. How cool is that? Good karma all around. Although, sorry, no sneak peeks of the Mahfood pin-up. We're saving it for the back cover of issue one. It'll be a surprise. (I'm such a tease.)

Most of the pin-ups will be featured in the trade paperback. If anyone else is interested in sending us something, please do! Drop me an e-mail. I couldn't be happier with all the support we're getting.