4/4/05 ~ Karma Incorporated

It's a good day. Viper Comics has launched the official site for our comic book-- www.vipercomics.com/features/karma_inc.asp.

Also, check out the Karma Incorporated site that I put together (click here or on the banner to the left)-- complete with pin-ups, character profiles, a five page preview, a first look at all three covers, and other goodies.

A lot of this stuff has been around for months, but we didn't want to publicize anything until we were closer to the actual release date. Expect Karma Incorporated to be in stores this July, pre-orders begin in May.

For me, it's felt like forever, but we're finally here. The mad frenzy to get the word out, to get people excited about what we're doing. I can honestly say, this series is unique-- different from anything else that's currently on the shelves. I'm thankful Viper Comics has been so supportive of our crazy ideas, and that Tom Kurzanski (artist) and Marlena Hall (color artist) are 100% onboard with the concept. I love working with them.

But why are you still reading this post? Check out the sites! Here and here. More news coming soon.