4/1/05 ~ Fooled them!

Today, I received my first assignment for Homiletics. Last month, I was invited to join the writing staff of this pastoral resource magazine. 1500 word essays on a semi-regular basis in exchange for a little bit of money. I don't mind. Obviously, comic books are my priority, but occasionally writers need to find other outlets to work in. Hee, hee... I feel so professional. Fooled them!

Everything is busy, but going well. I'm getting ready for the big press release and site launch for Karma Incorporated. Coming soon. (Tomorrow?) I've been working on Emily Edison, issue two. Brock sent me some more inked pages yesterday from issue one. Dang. Literally, the best comic book action I've ever seen and it's all Brock's doing. Fun. Original. Unexpected. I love working with talented people.

And lastly, I've been spending some late nights on a major proposal for a new series I'm creating. More information in a month or two. I'd like to say it's joy that motivates me, but usually the fear of failure pushes me harder. Sad, but true. I'll celebrate when the book is on the shelf.