STAPLE was great. I knew it was going to be good, but it was actually even better than I anticipated. Here are some pics from the event.

This year's STAPLE was held at the Elks Lodge in Austin. While it may be a little small for next year (maybe not), it was a perfect location-- unique.

And they had a pool! This is the view from the front window of the exhibitor's area.

The front entrance of the Elks Lodge. I love that stone brick.

My table. Everything sold really well, especially the mini-comic.

With Mr. Staplehead, Chris Nicholas

Setting up for the event

By the afternoon, everyone had woken up and arrived.

While I'm not the most photogenic person, I certainly love having my picture taken. It's true. I need to work on my at-the-booth pose.

Viper. Big thank you to Jessie for driving us down to Austin! Enjoyed spending the day with Josh, Jessie, and of course Caitlin.

It just doesn't feel like a con without Kyle and Lisa. You guys rock! :)

Scott Hinze, sporting the hoodie

During a panel on webcomics