3/4/05 ~ Staple in the Austin Chronicle

Collating the Underexposed: Chris Nicholas and Austin's STAPLE! Independent Media Expo by Wayne Alan Brenner

"This expo is the biggest thing I've ever accomplished," he (Chris Nicholas) continues. "It's been a hell of a learning experience for me, a lot of groping through the dark and figuring out what needed to be done. But everybody's been pitching in-- Gary Bartos and Nate Southard. Manton Reece, who designed our Web site. The Zine Library people, everybody, I couldn't even name them all. And the response has been really encouraging, from here and out of town, and, yeah, it's gonna be great. Like I said:It's gonna be a party."

Tomorrow. I'm heading down with Viper Comics, leaving from Dallas at 5:30 AM. I've got my second printing of "Some Other Day" ready for the masses.