12/3/04 ~ Writer's Commentary

For those audiophiles (*cough* Jim!), I'll reveal my original intent for audioblogging. In part, it's the appeal of being able to blog anytime, anywhere from my cell phone. If I'm witness to something spectacular, I can share it. Also, it's fairly unique-- I think there's something intimate about listening to a person's voice. If one purpose of a blog is to connect with others, what better way to do that than with a voice, unscripted and unedited?

But intially, I pondered the idea of doing an audio-commentary for the comic books I write. I love DVD director's commentaries. I think the concept would transfer well to comics. How cool would it be to listen to Bendis or Millar go page-by-page through something they've written-- offering any insight they might have? I'm no Bendis or Millar, but if you enjoy this, then cool-- I'll try to do it for everything I write.

It could be an interesting way to mix the print medium with the electronic. Once a person buys the book, if they like what I've done, they can come here for extras.

The only problem I've run into is the "unedited" part. I wish I had some sound editing software, where I could fix the stammering. It's not easy to do commentary without pause.

So here it is-- the writer's commentary for my first comic book, Some Other Day. If you own a copy, go get it. Let me know what you think.

mp3 file